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The University of Tennessee

Power Information Technology Laboratory

Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Research Areas

Bulk Grid Model Development and Model Reduction

 Dynamic Model ReductionDynamic Model Reduction  Eastern Interconnection 2030 Dynamic Model DevelopmentEastern Interconnection 2030 Dynamic Model Development
 Interconnection-wide Grid Security AssessmentInterconnection-wide Grid Security Assessment  Measurement Data-driven Model for Large GridMeasurement Data-driven Model for Large Grid
 Model Validation Using FNETGridEye DataModel Validation Using FNETGridEye Data  Real-time PMU Simulator for the Extra-high Voltage GridReal-time PMU Simulator for the Extra-high Voltage Grid
 Virtual Power Grid InitiativeVirtual Power Grid Initiative  Measurement-based model reduction techniqueMeasurement-based model reduction technique
 GridPortal-An Automatic Substation Layout Display ToolGridPortal-An Automatic Substation Layout Display Tool  Transmission network Co-Simulation Framework with Multiple SoftwareTransmission network Co-Simulation Framework with Multiple Software