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Oak Ridge naional Laboratory

Integration of Energy Storage with Wind Generation for Improved Dynamics

In this study, wind power is used as the DG example to develop an optimization tool (guide and software) for users to optimize the design and selection of dynamic energy storage systems based on their needs and the power system they intend to connect to.

Energy Storage System Applications in the TVA system

This study examines the effect of Electrical Arc Furnaces (EAF) operating at Hoeganaes in TVA power systems and the applicability of FACTS/ESS as a solution for EAF-induced problems. For this study, a simplified practical EAF model based on PSS/E was developed, and EAF-induced problems such as harmonic currents and voltage flickers were studied. FACTS/ESS is considered a potential solution for EAF-induced problems because of its real power control capability. Simulation results employing the TVA systems show that the FACTS/ESS system provides added benefit over conventional methods with FACTS alone.

Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Expert System-Based Transformer Fault Diagnosis 

A combined artificial neural network and expert system (ANNEPS) has been developed for transformer fault diagnosis and prediction using dissolved gas-in-oil analysis (DGA). Test results show that the system has very high accuracy (95-98%) and better performance than ANN or EPS used individually.

Strategic Power Infrastructure Defense (SPID) System

This research project aims to develop a system that can link to monitoring devices through the Internet to support remote power system monitoring and safeguards against intrusions. The system will be mainly software-based and will allow users to access it through a web-browser. The project will also investigate the architecture, infrastructure specifications, and design of a new power information communication and management system.

Electromagnetic Interactions between a Super-conducting Coil (SMES) and the Power Electronics Interface

The objective of this research project is to develop an integrated electromagnetic model of the superconducting coil, the power electronics and power systems using EMTP (Electromagnetic Transient Program). The modeling will involve a detailed representation of a multi-MW voltage source inverter and the DC-DC chopper including controls and protection. The study will investigate the efficiency of multi-phase choppers, higher switching frequencies and protection measures to guarantee the proper operation of the integrated system. Also, external and internal faults will be simulated and investigated for their potential consequences, and protection measures will be proposed.

The outcome of the study will be a complete and integrated EMTP model for representing the power electronics, power systems (to the utility point of common coupling), and superconducting coil. The study will determine the worst transient conditions and propose remedial and protective solutions.

Partial Discharge Detection in Transformers Using Optical Fiber Acoustic Sensors 

Power transformers are the most critical and costly component in transmission and distribution systems, especially those of large capacity such as generator step-up transformers and system tie auto-transformers. Catastrophic failures of power transformers can occur without warning, resulting in serious oil spills, fires, extensive damage to adjacent equipment, and major disruption of service.

Optical fiber sensors are chemically inert, and electrically non-conducting so that they do not affect the integrity of the insulation system, hence they provide a suitable means to monitor the condition of high voltage (HV) equipment. The proposed sensors have smaller size, better sensitivity, and geometric flexibility over the conventional wall-mounted piezoelectric sensors.

Harmonics Modeling and Simulation of a CycloConverter Drive System

This study focus on the steady state harmonic modeling and simulation of a cycloconverter drive system (CDS). Controls of a cycloconverter drive and a synchronous motor load were modeled in the time domain. Based on the duality principle of electric and magnetic circuits, four types of three-phase transformer models with nonlinear magnetizing characteristics were implemented. The harmonic behaviors of the entire system were studied under some typical operation conditions. The goal of this study is to understand the power quality problems associated with a CDS from a system point of view.