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The University of Tennessee

Power Information Technology Laboratory

Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Research Areas

Next Generation Phasor Technologies

 Universal Grid Analyzer DevelopmentUniversal Grid Analyzer Development  Generation III FDR DevelopmentGeneration III FDR Development
 PMU Error ImpactPMU Error Impact  Smart Phone Based FDRSmart Phone Based FDR
 Magnetic and Electric Field Based FDRMagnetic and Electric Field Based FDR  Distribution Level Phasor Measurement Accuracy LimitsDistribution Level Phasor Measurement Accuracy Limits
 Pulsar Based Timing InstrumentPulsar Based Timing Instrument  Synchrophasor Data Timestamp Error Detection and EstimationSynchrophasor Data Timestamp Error Detection and Estimation
 Solar energy-based computation and communication moduleSolar energy-based computation and communication module