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The University of Tennessee

Power Information Technology Laboratory

Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Research Areas

Phasor Data Analytics and Visualization

 Power System Data AnalyticsPower System Data Analytics  FIDVR Detection and AnalysisFIDVR Detection and Analysis
 Forensic Research Using Grid DataForensic Research Using Grid Data  Future Data Architecture ResearchFuture Data Architecture Research
 LMP Prediction From Generation TripsLMP Prediction From Generation Trips  VisualizationVisualization
 Statistical Analysis on Inter-area OscillationsStatistical Analysis on Inter-area Oscillations  Superbowl Frequency SwingsSuperbowl Frequency Swings
 Balancing Authority ACE Limit VisualizationBalancing Authority ACE Limit Visualization  Locating Source of Forced OscillationLocating Source of Forced Oscillation
 A Power Grid Anomaly Detection Algorithm with Point on Wave (POW) DataA Power Grid Anomaly Detection Algorithm with Point on Wave (POW) Data