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The University of Tennessee

Power Information Technology Laboratory

Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Research Areas

Grid Monitoring-FNET/GridEye

 FNET/GridEye Live LinksFNET/GridEye Live Links  Online Event Location AlertOnline Event Location Alert
 Online Oscillation AlertOnline Oscillation Alert  Online Ambient Oscillation Mode MonitorOnline Ambient Oscillation Mode Monitor
 Online FIDVR AlertOnline FIDVR Alert  Online Islanding AlertOnline Islanding Alert
 Online Line Trip AlertOnline Line Trip Alert  OpenPDC FNETGridEye Server DesignOpenPDC FNETGridEye Server Design
 Fault-Tolerant Frequency Measurement Based on Point-on-Wave DataFault-Tolerant Frequency Measurement Based on Point-on-Wave Data