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Microgrid Central Controller Design

Oak Ridge naional Laboratory

In the ARPA-E-funded project A Smart and Flexible Microgrid with a Low-Cost Scalable Open-Source Controller, UTK, in collaboration with EPB, National Instruments, Green Energy Corp, EPRI, and TVA, deal with a microgrid that incorporates smart grid capabilities including multiple utility feeds, intelligent switches and ultra-high speed communication links. The microgrid controller will accommodate and utilize these smart grid features that already or will exist in many US utilities, for enhanced performance and reduced cost (Fig. 1). The goal of this project is to deliver an open source microgrid central controller, offering flexibility and robustness. The microgrid and its controller design will also be scalable for different geographic areas, load sizes, distributed generation types, and even multiple microgrids within a utility area.

Microgrid Design

General Project Structure