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Generation III FDR Development

Oak Ridge naional Laboratory

Generation III FDR Development

The Next Generation Frequency Disturbance Recorder is an effort to modernize both the hardware and software capabilities of FNET’s monitoring device. The goal is to develop a new device which utilizes modern, off-the-shelf hardware combined with a modular design in order to reduce costs and increase capability while also allowing for improved future expansion and maintainability. The core of the device is a BeagleBone Black – an off-the-shelf embedded platform based on Texas Instrument’s AM 3359 Sitara SOC. Features of the new ARM-Based FDR include:

• 3600 Hz sampling rate (60 samples/cycle)

• New algorithm using oversampling techniques to reduce noise and improve accuracy

• Support for secure communications via Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

• Modular hardware and software architecture to allow for incremental improvements

• Future expansion capacity for WiFi and GSM communications

The ultimate goal of the Next Generation FDR is to allow a gradual transition to more advanced on-device applications as well as more sophisticated server tools. The SSL communication capability of the device is proof-of-concept that network security of a phasor measurement device can be performed with low server overhead and without intermediate hardware, such as a phasor data concentrator (PDC).