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HVDC Overlay for US Grid

Oak Ridge naional Laboratory

Many European countries have taken steps towards a Supergrid to enable the transmission of large amounts of intermittent and remote renewable energy over long distances to load centers. In the US, a similar problem arises as renewable generation and electricity demand increases. A potential solution is to upgrade the transmission system at a higher voltage by constructing a new overlay grid. American Electric Power (AEP) has developed a conceptual 765 kV interstate transmission system of approximately 19 k miles that has the ability to interconnect up to 400 GW of generation as shown in Fig.1. A similar topology of DC transmission grid would be built adopting multi-terminal VSC HVDC technology. A first step would be implementing a five terminal VSC HVDC system over a 140 bus NPCC system model, thus transmitting cheap renewables like wind and hydro to load centers on the east coast.

HVDC Overlay for US Grid
Fig 1. AEP conceptual 765kV backbone system
HVDC Overlay for US Grid
Fig 2. Five-terminal HVDC overlay of NPCC system